About Us

Executive Stereo's main sales staff are life long professionals in the Music Industry. Our previous positions were in the music recording industry as an engineer and producer, professional musician, and owner/operator of a large electronic repair facility. Our understanding of audio and its complexities, as related to music reproduction is second to none. We live and breath music and are dedicated to helping our customers get the best musical reproduction possible, within a given budget. We sell systems and individual components that can vastly improve your enjoyment of your favorite music and get you listening to music for pleasure and relaxation, rather than just having it as another "noise" in the background of your life.

Our rooms allow evaluation of hifi products in a warm and relaxing atmosphere.   Customers are encouraged to bring in their favourite music, but we have a large selection of music available in all categories.  Our goal is to revel the emotion and expression of the recording artist, while drawing the listener into a dimensional and emotionally satisfying musical experience.  

Please note that all our products and product lines are not represented in the on line store, as we are prohibited from selling certain items "on line". Please visit us in person to audition and/or purchase items, including McIntosh, Simaudio MOON, and Vivid Audio Speakers, among others.

We invite you to visit our retail storefront to explore and enjoy your favourite music.